Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Week's Pat Dooley Show (with guest James Bates)

What Might a Brantley-led Offense Look Like?


Mumme Poll

Thanks to Smart Football for this link. The 2 main criteria for the poll:

1. The first vote does not take place until after the games of Week Six have been played. Voters are not asked to evaluate teams based on preseason expectations and are not expected to use those as a baseline from which to rank teams for the rest of the year.
2. Rather than being required to rank twenty five D-1 teams in order of preference, Mumme Poll voters submit ballots of the top twelve teams in the country, without ranking (other than to designate the top five of those twelve, for use as a tiebreaker). The poll rankings are then compiled by means of approval voting; that is, the teams are ranked in the order of the total number of times they appear on voters’ ballots.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Best Upsets of the Decade

Pick 6: Week 3-LSU (Including Defensive Changes)

Week 2 (Kentucky) Stats:

Touches: Demps
Yards: Demps
Receptions: Hernandez
TDs: Rainey (off punt block), Hernandez, Cooper
Margin: 34

Participants' Week 2 Points (Total Points in Parenthesis):

Brad 6 (9)
Mary 5 (10)
Michael 3 (4)
Sean 2 (6)
Galapagos 1 (4)
Mark 1 (1)
John 0 (4)

The Gainesville Sun did not declare a Defensive MVP so no points were allotted for that category for the Kentucky game. However, we will include a defensive category for the future, starting this week. Participants will continue to select 2 players (same player may still be selected twice). Points will be allotted for those defensive picks if the players that are picked achieve any of the following:

8 Tackles (solo and assisted)= 1 Point
1.5 Sacks= 1 Point
1 Interception= 1 Point
1 Score (TD or safety)= 1 Point (Just defensive scores, i.e. Haden getting a direct snap TD on offense does not count)

Quick example:

I pick Haden for both of my selections. He intercepts a pass and returns it for a TD. I get 4 total points for this output.

Another example would be if I picked Dunlap and Spikes and Dunlap got 2 sacks, including 1 for a safety, and Spikes intercepted a pass and got 12 tackles. My total points would be 4 again, according to these stats.

Sacks and safeties also count towards tackles, of course.

Here is a handy site for stats, including tackles.

Use the comments section for this post to give your picks for Week 3, the LSU game.

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