Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Florida in National Championship Hunt?

Wow, what a crazy week in college football. Although the Gator game against Jacksonville State was anything but exciting, Gators fans can feel that orange and blue blood pumping at the thought of traveling to Tallahassee Florida to play FSU on Saturday. Always a big game in the state of Florida, this game could have extra ramifications for the Gators, since a victory could give us hope at a shot for the National Championship.

How many of you caught Muschamp's press conference? I never knew he had such a good sense of humor. Unlike Les Miles who went on some sort of scary rant from hell, Muschamp joked about how the Gators wins have been anything but sexy. He went on to say that even his wife said the Gator's wins weren't sexy but he was, so that was all that mattered. What a hoot! I'm glad we have finally had a nice enough season for our coaching staff to relax a little and have some fun with the press.

So back to our championship hopes. I am sure most you gator fans have already done the math but just to re-iterate the highly unlikely opportunity this is what it will take to get us in the big game.  Lets look at the top 5 in the BCS poll:
  1. Notre Dame
  2. Alabama
  3. Georgia
  4. Florida
  5. Oregon
Number 4 Florida needs to beat Florida State and have Notre Dame lose to USC to be in position to go to Miami and play for the national championship. Don't forget either Georgia or Alabama will get a loss in the SEC Championship Game. Another scenario could be Georgia beats Alabama but loses to Georgia Tech. A less likely option would be for Alabama to lose to Auburn, although crazier things have certainly happened.

The best part is we have at least some control in our own destiny. By beating Florida State we can at the very least guarantee  a BCS bowl game, and with a little help we could be playing for another national title. However, if we  lose to FSU we can only look forward to spending New Year's in Orlando.