Friday, April 20, 2012

Playoff Possibilities

Everyone who reads Ode to the Gators knows that we endorse a 16-team playoff tournament in Division I college football (if you didn't it is listed at the top of our blog!). Now news is circulating about the BCS looking into designing a potential four-team playoff model. What has everyone shaking their heads is an option entitled "Four Teams Plus," in which the Rose Bowl would continue hosting the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions whether or not they qualified for a playoff.

The whole thing seems to be at its earliest stages since not even the Rose Bowl people knew anything about the option. While a four team playoff model is not what we are looking for, it is perhaps a first baby step in an effort to reconcile the playoff dilemma in college football.

To find out more read Stewart Mandel's article

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can the Gators Pass?

Before Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators were known and feared for their awesome passing game. Passing was such a priority with Steve Spurrier that even Emmit Smith feared he wouldn't get enough touches. We threw quick, often and for long yards, often taking the opposition out of the game by halftime.

Every year Meyer had Tim Tebow throw a little less, a problem that has caused many to question if Tebow has an arm now  that he is in the NFL. So we want to know if Muschamp and our new Offensive Coordinator Brent Pease will bring the long ball back to the swamp. Which quarterback wins out as starter, may influence how much we throw the ball. During the spring Orange and Blue game Brissett (9-16-0, 233 yards, 2 TDs) showed off his arm, completing five passes longer than 20 yards. And Driskel (12-14-0, 147 yards, 0 TDs) showed accuracy and the ability to extend plays with his legs.

Could Fulmer Return to SEC

Former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer denied on Wednesday that he had been contacted by Arkansas about the school's coaching vacancy. "I have not been contacted by Arkansas," Fulmer said. "But I think Arkansas is a great place."

Fulmer, 61, indicated the opening at Arkansas does intrigue him. "When I left Tennessee, I was asked if I would coach again, and I said I would consider it if it was at a place where I could compete for a championship."

So what do you predict Gator fans, will we see Phillip Fulmer as the new head coach for Arkansas?  I personally think it would be a good fit for both coach and team. The Razorbacks are in quite a pickle, losing their coach at this time of year and it will be difficult to find anyone with more experience than Fulmer. Plus since Tennessee fired Fulmer they haven't done any better, which leads us to believe it may have been a Tennessee problem and not a coaching problem. At 61 Fulmer will be hard pressed to get a better opportunity at a head coaching job, and by coaching in the SEC, he is already familiar with the teams and coaches. I guess time will tell if the rumors are right!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steve Addazio Theme Song

We all remember when Gator Coach Steve Addazio was questioned on his play calling. Many gator fans were concerned he was coaching not to lose, instead of playing to win. Steve gave us an emphatic response in his interview. Play not to lose? I don't even know what that means. I play to win! So in honor of Addazio, we found a video that could be his (and the Temple Owls) theme song.