Friday, May 25, 2012

Gators place 11 on All-SEC preseason team

The good news is that Florida's total number of All-SEC selections (11) is right up there with the big boys (LSU 17, Arkansas 12, Alabama 11, and Georgia 10). The bad news is they only have one first teamer (Kicker Caleb Sturgis) and no first or second team offensive players. In contrast, the big boys mentioned above have at least three first team selections (Alabama 3 off/3 def, LSU 1 off/3 def, Arkansas 3 off, and Georgia 3 def). Some of the reason could be the two new teams are siphoning off some of the spots (Texas A&M 7 total and Missouri 6 total). But much of the reason is the imbalance created by poor recruiting during Meyer's last few years and a lack of discipline that cost us some top talent along the way.
Notably absent from my discussion of big boys is South Carolina. Steve Spurrier's boys had 6 total selections with Marcus Lattimore (RB) as their lone first teamer.