Monday, November 24, 2008

Texas, Oklahoma, and Polls

There is some speculation about who will get the Big 12 South nod, or, who will be ranked higher after this week, Oklahoma or Texas (assuming both win this week). If both do win, it will be Oklahoma. If Oklahoma loses, it goes to a tie between Texas Tech and Texas, which Tech will win. So, Texas is not going to win the Big 12 South, regardless of whatever "rock, paper, scissors" kind of argument someone makes for Texas beating OK--remember, the 3-way tie exists because the same can be said for each team involved--Tech beat Texas, Texas beat OK, OK beat Tech (Texas' best argument is that they have been ahead of OK since they beat them, on a neutral field). Oklahoma is already ahead of Texas in the Harris and Coaches, and the difference between the 2 is razor-thin, closer than Florida is to Oklahoma, and Oklahoma plays #12 Oklahoma St this week, away. Texas plays A&M, an extremely mediocre, if not bad, team (lost to Baylor by 20 this past week), this Thursday night. If Florida beats FSU and the Tide, and OK loses to OK St or Missouri (ranked 13, but I think OK St has a better shot and they are at home), Texas, with a win over A&M, will be in the Title game (a non-division winner). This is okay with me, I don't think they especially deserve to not be there ('05 Champs vs. '06 Champs, possibly). If you want to look down the line and speculate a little more, USC will maintain their higher (#5, right now) ranking over #6 Utah if USC beats Notre Dame and UCLA, since Utah is done-if they trip up, then Utah may still get passed if OK loses and #7 Tech gets into the Big 12 Championship game and beats #13 Missouri. And yes, if enough of those top teams lose, Alabama will get a rematch against Florida in the BCS Championship game. One more thing, people may wonder if Florida will pass either Texas or Oklahoma if those 3 teams win out-- yes they will, they will pass at least 1. Hope this helped.

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