Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kerwin Bell for OC

Last week, Sean, David and I were discussing who would fill Mullen's shoes as offensive coordinator and Kerwin Bell's name came up. Apparently we weren't the only ones speculating about Bell. The Gainesville Sun started poking around into Bell's intentions. I suggest skipping the story and reading the comments below it. They are quite good. The best question posed is "would Kerwin Bell buy into Meyer's offensive philosophy?" (Bell teaches the pro style offense) Another good question is "would Bell instead take the QB coach position? I don't know what Bell wants for himself or what would be the best thing for him in terms of development as a coach, but I do know he would be a great asset to the Gators. He is a proven winner with deep ties to the Gators. I believe he would be an excellent recruiter in Florida. And for him personally it would be an opportunity to learn under another great offensive-minded coach. (He was coached by Galen Hall at UF)

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