Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mullen To Be Mississippi State's New Head Coach

No word yet on whether he is staying for the BCS Championship Game. I think he is (slightly) overrated because he doesn't have the best in-game play calling (He stubbornly kept up with the first and second down run plays against Alabama, making the game closer than it needed to be because of our 3.4 yards per carry statistic). He makes some good adjustments between games, but a head coach can do that for a team. And who couldn't be a good coordinator with those players? The approach itself is identified with Meyer more than Mullen, who (Mullen) is considered more conservative on plays and play-calling, so it shouldn't be difficult for the players to transition to a new coordinator. But he is young and smart so things could change. He is certainly as worthy as many other coaches, but not more worthy than Charlie Strong, and Miss St. had already fired one of about 3 or 4 black head coaches in Division I, so Strong would have seemed to make more sense. The Mullen pick is sexier, and Miss St is probably sick of having bad offenses-even their coach before Croom was all about defense (Jackie Sherril). So in that way Mullen makes sense. He is also a good recruiter. And Miss St is a tough job, so whomever got it was going to have trouble keeping it very long.

Harvin should probably get the Heisman (I know, he won't). If he had played in the SEC Title game, and had a great game, I would say that with more self-assurance.

You might wonder whether Mullen leaving affects Tebow's decision to leave or stay, since the two seemed to work so closely together and actually be good friends.

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