Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Soundtrack for a Victory in Atlanta

Another brilliant pick that I was told should be in the list is "City Middle," by the National. The album it is on is called "Alligator." This is from the chorus (I kid you, not):

"I wanna go gator around the warm beds of beginners,
I'm really worked up."

Other good selections not on the list (I do like the list):

--"Florida" by Modest Mouse. Added bonuses, it's a great song, it has the lead singer from the Shins, and Modest Mouse's Brock lived in Gainesville.

--"Hope" by REM. Here are some lyrics:

" dreamt of alligators..." and, "you want to cross your DNA with something reptile..."

There are also some references to "killing alligators," but, whatever. Also a great song. (There's also a reference to a "volunteer" on the last song on the album, "Falls to Climb.")

--"Orange Crush" by REM. I don't like this one as much, though. Love the song, but it's a song about Vietnam, and the Broncos already called themselves the Orange Crush way back when, and it could be turned around by a Gator opponent, "we are Orange Crushers.")

One more thing, the list includes a Sufjan Stevens song. Another song on that same album of Stevens' is called "Jacksonville." So, you could make some kind of claim that the song is about the scene of the beat down of Florida's challenger in the SEC East, an event that helped Florida get to Atlanta to wham (also could make the list) on 'Bama.

-ed.-Santogold made the list. She has a song on that same album called "Shove It." It is with a group called "Spank Rock," which is a good enough reason to include it in such a list, but the lyrics also apply:

"We think you're a joke,
shove your hope where it don't shine."

also, an attack on Alabama's backwoods culture in the same song:

" guns for the strength they lack"

and, an attack on their traditionalism and anti-Darwinism?:

"I pay for what's called
eccentricity and my will to evolve."


I would enjoy any ideas from others. Variations on "Tide" and "Crimson" seem potentially fruitful, though, the original list didn't need any literal connection whatsoever to work.

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