Friday, January 9, 2009

Best win of them all

Thursday night's national title win over Oklahoma was the Gator's best title win ever, capping their best season.
1996 was special because it was the first and it came against FSU, a team we lost to earlier in the season, but it was a blowout.
In 2006, the season was special because I didn't believe we had the offense to be national champs, but our defense carried us the whole way. Again the title game was a blowout.
But this win, and season, was special. We beat No.1 teams in back-to-back games with all the chips at stake. Our offense-talent wise- was the best ever and the defense was one of the best ever. And the final game was a classic, the best BCS title game yet. It was the first time the title game had been tied in the fourth quarter. It featured the greatest offense in the history of college football against one of the best defenses in the country. It pitted a conference known for its offensive firepower against a conference loaded with great defenses. And in the end, it was the greatest college football player/leader refusing to let his team lose.
I like the blowouts, but they aren't as satisfying as winning a tough battle. And this season was a battle the whole way. The 2008 champs battled through dozens of injuries, a loss to Mississippi and two No. 1 teams to win it all.


Anonymous said...

I will give florida a 1/4 of the national title but they have to share it with USC, UTAH, and TEXAS but...

Why not give a Boise State a chance to beat an Oklahoma EVERY YEAR, not just when everything works out perfectly.

Which is why I suggest the idea of a 16-team playoff. It is a great number (perfect square) and allows for the perfect amount of teams. Every one of the Football Bowl Subdivision conferences (formerly Division 1-A) gets one automatic bid. Whoever is considered the conference champion, whether there is a championship game or not, gets its conference's automatic bid. So this year, that would be:

ACC: Virginia Tech
SEC: Florida
Big 10: Penn State
Pac-10: USC
MAC: Buffalo (for real!?)
Big 12: Oklahoma
WAC: Boise State
Big East: Cincy
Mountain West: Utah
Sun Belt: Troy

Now for the at-large selections...we will take into consideration BCS standings for this exercise
Ohio State
Texas Tech
Oklahoma State

So now that we have the teams set, now for some rules. The teams will be seeded, based on whatever. It doesn't matter that Troy won the Sun Belt...still going to be the 16 seed. Higher seed gets to host the game. Final four games will take place at one of the sites of the BCS bowls. It will rotate every year, so that each location still feels the love. The tournament will start the week after conference championships. This will then make December that much better...and we can still have our beloved New Years day games.

For the rest of the schools...let's keep the other bowls. We can get rid of the really stupid and terrible ones, like the Papajohn's bowl and the emerald bowl and the cereal bowl. ok i made that last one up. But get rid of a few insignifcant ones and call it a day.

This gives smaller schools a chance every year to pull off an upset. Granted, we will never see another awesome Boise State-Oklahoma game like we did a few years ago...but at least this gives us a chance for that to happen. Who knows...maybe Buffalo could pull off an amazing upset...who knows unless we give them a chance?!

I think a playoff is where we need to head. Granted the BCS stuff always "works itself out" but we just spent the last few weeks saying it wouldn't. and that happens EVERY year. so why not just do what i say? Because I am always right.

Dave said...

The SEC championship was also the best ever