Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pick 6 Kentucky Open Thread

Post picks in comments of this post.

Everyone seemed to know the rules, but just to recap for convenience:

Pick 2 players for each category. You may pick same player for both picks in a category. No quarterback picks (Tebow was already banned, but after thinking this through, it became apparent that many issues would arise if Brantley were to start or if any number of scenarios took place with backup QBs).

Also, picks can be changed: the final submission (in comments) will count unless it's after kickoff.

Yards from Scrimmage
Touches from Scrimmage (runs + receptions + passes)
TDs (including returns)
Defensive MVP (according to Sun)
Point Margin (list one guess--earn 2 points for within 3, 1 point for within 6)

Play on reptilia!


Galapagos Gators said...

Yards: Rainey (2)
Touches: Rainey, James
Receptions: James, Cooper
TDS: Rainey, James
MVP: Haden, Hill
Margin: 45

Mary said...

Yards: demps, rainey
Touches: demps, rainey
Receptions: hernandez (2)
TDS: demps, rainey
MVP: spikes, jenkins
Margin: 20

Mark A. said...


Michael Arnold said...

Yards: Rainey, Demps
Touches: Rainey, Demps
Receptions: James, Thompson
TDS: Demps, James
MVP: Cunningham, Hill
Margin: 38

Sean said...

Yards: Rainey (2)
Touches: Rainey (2)
Receptions: Hernandez, James
TDS: Rainey, James
MVP: J Jenkins, Dunlap
Margin: 21

Brad said...

Yards: Demps, Rainey
Touches: Demps, Rainey
Receptions: Cooper, Hernandez
TDs: Thompson, Rainey
MVP: Haden, Black
Margin: 35