Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who do you want Florida to play opening day?

There is no dancing around this--Charleston Southern is not going to be much of a challenge. In fact, unless you like watching bullies ganging up on one little kid half their size on the playground, then you won't be much interested in this game after half time. This begs the question: Who should Florida be playing in its opener? An SEC opponent? Utah? Miami? FSU?
According to Urban Meyer, the Gators almost had Utah as an opener. Remember the Utes? They were undefeated last season and some said they should have shared the title with the Gators. That would have been sweet.
I prefer Miami or an SEC opponent because I want there to be more excitement heading into the opener. No matter how you spin it, no one can get excited about playing the Buccaneers (Chas So). Sure, I get excited about opening day. But not about our opponent. What makes the game special is the fear that you might lose. That elevates the game to a whole other level for me.
Just think how pumped you would be right now if we were playing Mississippi State on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Someone OOC like Michigan, Ohio State, WV....someone that is usually thought of as a good team. Or maybe Illinois and Ron Zook.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we ought to have the balls to go out and play somebody with a half decent chance of giving us a game instead of just paying a patsy to show up for an ass whuppin!