Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pick 6: Week 4 (Arkansas)

Week 3 (LSU) Results:

Touches: Demps
Yards: Demps & Hernandez
Receptions: Hernandez
TDs: Cooper
Margin: 10

Mary: 9 (2 Defensive Points for Spikes' 2.5 sacks and 11 tackles)
Sean: 9 (2 Def. pts. for Haden's int.-- I picked Haden twice.)
Galapagos: 7 (2 Def. pts. for Spikes' output listed above)


Mary: 19
Sean: 15
Galapagos: 11
Brad: 9
Michael: 4
John: 4
Mark: 1


I've tweaked the defensive scoring on sacks. Instead of 2 sacks equaling 1 point, 1.5 sacks now equal 1 point.

Here is the defensive scoring (you make 2 defensive picks like you do for the other categories):

8 Tackles (solo and assisted)= 1 Point
1.5 Sacks= 1 Point
1 Interception= 1 Point
1 Score (TD or safety)= 1 Point

And here are the other categories:

Yards from Scrimmage
Touches from Scrimmage (runs + receptions + passes)
TDs (including returns/blocks)
Point Margin (list one guess--earn 2 points for being within 3, 1 point for being within 6)
(No QBs)


You can use the comments section on this post to make your picks for the Arkansas game.

Play On!


Mark A. said...

Yards: Demps/Cooper

Sean said...

Yards: Demps (ditto)
Touches: Demps (ditto)
Catches: Hern, Coop
TDs: Demps (ditto)
Margin: 26
DE-FENSE!: Spikes, Haden

Michael Arnold said...

Yards: Demps x 2
Touches: Demps x 2
Catches: Hernandez, Cooper
TDs: Demps x 2
Margin: 21
D: Spikes x 2

Galapagos Gators said...

Yards: Demps, Rainey
Touches: Demps, Hernandez
Receptions: Hernandez (2)
TD's: Demps, Hernandez
Defense: Hill, Jenkins
Margin: 30


Yards: Demps (2)
Touches: Demps (2)
Receptions: Hernandez (2)
TD's: Demps, James
Defense: Spikes, Stamper
Margin: 17