Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pick 6: Week 6 (Georgia)

Week 5 (MSU) Results:

Touches, TDs, Yards: Rainey (Doe also tied for lead in TDs with 1)
Receptions: Hernandez
Margin: 10

Defensive Points:
Dunlap 2 (3 Sacks)
AJ Jones 1 (Int)
Doe 2 (Int, TD)
Wright 1 (Int)
Stamper 1 (13 tackles)

Participant Points (Total):

Galapagos 5 (20)
Sean 4 (24)
Mary 3 (27)
Mike 4 (13)
Mark 3 (8)
Brad 1 (10)
John (4)

You can use the 'comments' section of this post to enter your selections for the Georgia game.

Here are the categories/scoring:

Defensive scoring (you make 2 defensive picks like you do for the other categories):

8 Tackles (solo and assisted)= 1 Point
1.5 Sacks= 1 Point
1 Interception= 1 Point
1 Score (TD or safety)= 1 Point

And here are the other categories:

Most Yards from Scrimmage
Most Touches from Scrimmage (runs + receptions + passes)
Most Receptions
Most TDs (including returns/blocks)
Point Margin (list one guess--earn 2 points for being within 3, 1 point for being within 6)
(No QBs)

Play On!


Sean said...

Touches: Rainey, Demps
Yards: Thompson, Cooper
Receptions: Hernandez, Cooper
TDs: Rainey, Hernandez
Margin: 17
Defense: Dunlap, Haden

Brad said...

Touches: Demps, Rainey
Yards: Demps, Thompson
Receptions: Hernandez, Cooper
TDs: Demps, Moody
Margin: 13
Defense: Dunlap, Black

Anonymous said...

Mike's Picks

Touches: Demps, Rainey
Yards: Hernandez, Cooper
Receptions: Hernandez
TDs: Demps, Demps
Margin: 21
Defense: Dublap, Spikes

Mark A. said...


Galapagos Gators said...

Touches: Rainey, moody
Yards: rainey, moody
Receptions: Hernandez, thomp
TDs: moody
Margin: 30
Defense: stamper, haden


Touches: Rainey, hernadez
Yards: hernandez, demps
Receptions: Hernandez
TDs: demps, Hernandez
Margin: 15
Defense: spikes, haden