Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dooley's SEC Power Rankings

Here is Gainesville Sun Sportswriter Pat Dooley's latest SEC power rankings. Although I agree with the first three, I think he has some serious flaws after that.
For example, he has Tennessee behind Georgia. My rankings are below, please feel free to weigh in with your rankings or opinions.

Dooley's Rankings
1. Florida: Gators finally put it all together
2. Alabama: Still some hurdles to get to Atlanta
3. LSU: Tigers get their second big chance to make an impression
4. Auburn: Just when you thought the Tigers were dead
5. South Carolina: Steve Spurrier needs a win badly this week
6. Georgia: Just not a well-coached team
7. Tennessee: Vols are certainly making progress
8. Ole Miss: You try to figure the Rebels out. Go ahead
9. Mississippi State: Really nice win for Dan Mullen
10. Arkansas: A pretty good team to be at No. 10
11. Kentucky: Quarterback issues have doomed the 'Cats
12. Vanderbilt: Bobby Johnson's team won't be returning to a bowl

Mike's Rankings
1. Florida: No. 1 until I see Alabama play LSU.
2. Alabama: They looked better than Florida early on, but their offense is suspect.
3. LSU: Just the one loss-to Florida.
4. Tennessee: Though others have a better record, a close loss to 'Bama and wins over South Carolina and Georgia says they are the best of the next tier.
5. South Carolina: This was a tough one, because they just lost, but I still like them head to head over Auburn.
6. Auburn: A little schizophrenic, but I love Gus Malzahn's offense.
7. Mississippi: Sure, Jevan Snead is overrated and the Rebels have underachieved this year, but I still like them better than Georgia or Mississippi State.
8. Georgia: Joe Cox is not a very good quarterback and it affects how Mark Richt coaches the game.
9. Mississippi State: I don't know if Mullen will ever build the Bulldogs into a winner, but he has them playing better than in recent years.
10. Arkansas: Though Arkansas and Kentucky look to be identical-both are 1-4 in conference play and 4-4 overall and both have a win over Auburn, Arkansas played Florida closer and has a quality win over a team with a winning record-Texas A&M.
11. Kentucky: See above.
12. Vanderbilt: I thought for a second they had Georgia Tech's number. If they had won that game, then they would be at No. 10.

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