Monday, September 9, 2013

Shame on You Will Muschamp!

As a true blue gator fan who bleeds orange and blue, I feel totally betrayed by the ignorant quotes by Muschamp following the Miami loss. According to our head coach, the five turnovers by our offense had nothing to do with the loss. The only people Muschamp wants to blame is our illustrious defense who played an outstanding game and should be praised for their quality plays and hard work.

Here are just a few quotes from Muschamp "
“We gave them way too much momentum and belief early in the game defensively,” Muschamp said. “We gave them what they needed. That's on our defense. We didn't play worth a dang to start the game.”

UM scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and never lost the lead. Muschamp was particularly frustrated with the 52-yard TD pass.

“The big play should not have been there,” he said. “We should have made that play. Something we repped over and over again. Certainly prepared for it. So that was disappointing.
“I thought we should have played much better. Alignment, communication, assignment — you name it. We didn't do it very well. Just got very discombobulated, in my opinion, defensively.”

Since he never tries for the big play, I guess he thinks it should never happen to us either. The fact of the matter is if you throw a long ball, there's a very good possibility it will either be caught or a pass interference call will still provide the team with a first down. The rules of football are tailored to the offense, and there is  literally no defense for a perfectly thrown ball. 

Shame on you Will Muschamp!! Gator fans across the nation will not tolerate you slamming our awesome defense. If you really need someone to blame for the loss, start by looking in the mirror! Why not just play the defense every play of the game, after all the way they look we have a better chance of scoring with them on the field then we do with our offense. If we can't score 24 points or more in a game then we have no business being on the filed and no hope of ever being a contender for even the SEC east let alone the Sec Champion or National Champs.

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