Monday, November 10, 2008

BCS Speculation

In spite of moving ahead of Texas in human polls, the BCS still has Texas ahead of us at #3- me not worried though. The top 5 is 2 SECs and 3 Big 12s--we will get to play Alabama, and, borrowing an idea Dave had, I don't think 2 Big 12 teams will go. Now, in 2006 and 2007, Michigan and Georgia were kept out, partly because people didn't believe a non-coference-champ team should not be in the title game-- however, this won't necessarily repeat itself because the voters (coaches and Harris voters) right now ARE voting Texas below us but the computers are nudging them ahead of us--so we can't simply depend on human consensus like in those other years... But, I think winning the SEC championship game would be enough for the computers to push us up into the top 2, possibly #1, jumping any 2nd best Big 12 team, since that 2nd place Big 12 teams will not have a championship game win (and our win would be against a #1 team). So, in 2006 we depended on humans to bump us up after beating Arkansas, and this year we will depend on computers to bump us up after beating a potentially #1 Alabama. (Notice the principled stand we maintain here at "Ode," we realize Florida can almost always make it into a title game with 1 loss, and another SEC won it all last year with 2 losses, but we still support equal [at least formally] opportunity playoffs.)

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