Saturday, November 15, 2008


South Carolina hasn't given up more than 24 in a game so far this year, but neither had Vanderbilt or Kentucky. And South Carolina averages 24 points a game. I think the Gators will eclipse that 24-point barrier both coming and going. I know its the ol ball coach and South Carolina has good players, but I see another convincing win.
Prediction: 44-10, Gators.


florida gators said...

i cannot believe florida is on upset alert. what ever lol..

lets just take care of them gamecocks today then.

Sean said...

35-24, Florida. Part of the reason for upset alerts is that it's the only game this week between ranked teams, and so, commentators will focus more on it, making provocative suggestions and stuff. Also, they have been winning lately and have pretty good players and played us close in 2006 when we were in the same situation--we are better than we were then, but so are they. Of course there is also the whole thing about Spurrier coming back to the swamp... and, of course, there are ALWAYS upsets, every week, pretty much... the true definition of an upset is when a team loses when they think they don't have a realistic shot of losing.... almost every week this happens! (which should undermine the concept of upsets, but that's another stoy) Another thing, I know South Carolina lost to Vandy, but they are way better than Vandy... but they don't have a good enough offensive line and consistent QB play to win.

Sean said...

Yes, 35-24 was the score of the 1995 Florida State game.

I'm changing my prediction to 31-27-Florida. I just realized that ordinarily I would be picking Spurrier and his team to win this game.

florida gators said...

man we sure did take care of the gamecocks. 56-6 lol sorry spurrier!!!