Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Parody of Parity

This is another reason I favor the inclusion of all conference champions in a playoff--not just as a charity gesture to schools with far inferior budgets, but a more universal playoff is one of the ways, outside of outright sharing like the NFL, that can "redistribute the wealth" in at least a minimal way. Over time, the exposure of the non-BCS conference teams would increase (more TV, more revenue, potential home playoff game, etc might follow), I would guess, and there would be a little more incentive for better players going to non-BCS schools if the opportunity for playoffs was at hand (also increasing competitiveness, exposure, excitement, revenue, etc). Also, a playoff structure that I would support would automatically share revenue with all conferences, in a similar fashion to how BCS conferences all make money off the current BCS system, and all SEC schools/teams make money off the SEC championship game.

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