Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Bowl results thus far

I have calculated the results of the bowl games up to the Mississippi-Texas Tech game. I'll update again after each game up to the title game between UF and Okla.

So far, the ACC, Pac 10, Sun Belt, WAC and Independents have finished their games with the Pac 10 going undefeated.

--The numbers in parentheses next to the conference names are the number of teams in bowl games and the conferences' record so far.
--Following each team is W or L with their opponent in parentheses.

ACC (10) (4-6)

Virginia Tech-W (Cincy)

Wake Forest-W (Navy)

Florida State-W (Wis)

Maryland-W (Nev)

North Carolina-L (WVA)

Miami-L (Cal)

NC State-L (Rut)

Boston College-L (Vandy)

Georgia Tech-L (LSU)

Clemson-L (Neb)

Big East (6) (3-2)

USF-W (Memphis)

W. Virginia-W (NC)

Rutgers-W (NC St)

Pittsburgh-L (Ore St)

Cincinnati-L (Va Tech)

Connecticutt- (Buff)

Big 12 (7) (3-2)

Missouri-W (NWstrn)

Kansas-W (Minn)

Nebraska-W (Clem)

Okla St-L (Ore)

Texas Tech-L (Ole Miss)

Oklahoma- (UF)

Texas- (OSU)

Big Ten (7) (1-5)

Iowa-W (SoCarol)

Wisconsin-L (FSU)

Northwestern-L (Mizzou)

Minnesota-L (Kansas)

Michigan St-L (Georgia)

Penn St.-L (USC)

Ohio St.- (Texas)

Conf USA (6) (3-1)

Southern Miss-W (Troy)

Houston-W (Air Force)

Rice-W (W. Mich)

Memphis-L (USF)

East Carolina- (Ky)

Tulsa- (Ball St)

MAC (5) (0-3)

Buffalo- (UConn)

Ball St.- (Tulsa)

W. Michigan-L (Rice)

C. Michigan-L (FAU)

N. Illinois-L (LaTech)

Mountain West (5) (2-2)

TCU-W (Boise St.)

Colorado St-W (Fresno St)

Air Force-L (Houston)

BYU-L (Ariz)

Utah- (Ala)

Pac 10 (5) (5-0)

Arizona-W (BYU)

California-W (Mia)

Oregon-W (Okl St)

Oregon St.-W (Pitt)

USC-W (Penn St.)

SEC (8) (4-1)

Vanderbilt-W (Bos Coll)

LSU-W (GaTech)

Georgia-W (Mich St)

Mississippi-W (Texas Tech)

South Carolina-L (Iowa)

Kentucky- (E Carol)

Alabama- (Utah)

Florida- (Okla)

Sun Belt (2) (1-1)

Troy-L (SoMiss)

FAU-W (C.Mich)

WAC (5) (1-4)

Louisiana Tech-W (No Ill)

Fresno State-L (Colo St)

Boise St.-L (TCU)

Hawaii-L (ND)

Nevada-L (Mary)

Independent (2) (1-1)

Navy-L (Wake Forest)

Notre Dame-W (Hawaii)

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