Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making a case for a BCS Buster

Everyone who reads this knows we favor a college football D-1 playoff system.
With that out of the way, I want to make a case for why the AP should vote Utah No. 1. The BCS No. 1 ship has sailed; whoever wins the UF-Okla game is BCS champ.
--Utah is the only undefeated team. Sure they didn't play as tough of schedule as other traditional BCS schools day-in-and-out, but they beat everyone they played and some of those teams were the toughest teams in the nation.
--Utah bookended their season with wins over two of the greatest college football programs in the history of the game: Michigan and Alabama.
--The Alabama win was especially impressive. They beat Alabama a its strength--in the trenches--something all the experts said couldn't be done. They also showed they have the speed to match up with any team in the country and a quarterback who makes great decisions.
--Utah beat Oregon St., right after Beavers beat USC.
--Utah beat TCU, another program on the rise, which showed it belongs in the BCS talk in the future.

Now could I make a case for Utah as No. 1 and call myself a true Gator fan? Well it is my confidence in the Gators, but also my desire for college D-1 presidents to ditch the archaic postseason play system we have now and put in a real playoff system where the games have meaning. Bowl game supporters argue just the opposite--that the playoffs will render the regular season as meaningless. I can now only point to Utah's win over Alabama and say if the AP doesn't name them co-champ, then their win is truly meaningless.

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