Friday, September 18, 2009

Pick 6- Tennessee

If you would like to play Pick 6 for the Tennessee game, write your picks in the comments section of this post


Michael Arnold said...

Most yards from scrimmage: Demps, Cooper
Most touches from scrimmage: Demps, Cooper
Most receptions: Hines, Cooper
Most touchdowns: Demps, Rainey
Defensive MVP: Cunningham, Spikes
Margin of victory: 28, 31

Sean said...

Yards: Demps (Dos is the Most), Not Moody When It's Rainey (That's a Rainey pick!)

Touches: Demps, Supreme Reign-y (Land of Lakes is filled with Rain)

Receptions: Coop de Knox-ville, Commando Hernando

TDs: Demps, Brand-On James

MVP: 'He's For Us' Janoris, Major Danger Is Always Wright

Margin: 21 ('call him double-down')

Brad said...

yards from scrimmage: demps, rainey
touches from scrimmage: demps, moody
receptions: a-ron hernan-dez, riley "routes...where he's going he doesn't need routes" cooper
touchdowns: demps, hernandez
defensive mvp: spikes, will "the thrill" hill
margin of victory: 30
most blocked kicks: carlos "block" dunlap

Mary said...

yards from scrimmage- hernandez, rainey
touches from scrimmage- hernandez, demps
receptions- hernandez, hernandez
touchdowns- demps, demps
defensive mvp- spikes, trattou
margin of victory- 30

Galapagos Gators said...

yards from scrimmage- Demps, Rainey
touches from scrimmage- Demps, Rainey
receptions- Hernandez, Coop
touchdowns- James, Hernandez
defensive mvp- Dunlap, J. Jenkins
margin of victory- 35

John McNeill said...

yards from scrimmage- Rainey, Cooper
touches from scrimmage- Demps, Rainey
receptions- Cooper, Hernandez
touchdowns- Rainey, Demps
defensive mvp- Jones, Haden
margin of victory- 49