Friday, September 18, 2009

Pick 6 (updated!)

Welcome to 'Pick 6'- The Gator fantasy game

Here are the rules:

-Anyone can play. Each week there will be a 'Pick 6' post; participants just need to write their picks in the comments section

-We will post the results and declare a winner after each game for each category. There will also be an overall winner at the end of the season which is based upon cumulative points. Points will be based on number of categories that you pick correctly on.

-Only SEC, FSU, and championship/bowl games count

*The Game*

-There are 6 categories: most yards from scrimmage, most touches from scrimmage, most receptions, most touchdowns, defensive mvp (according to 'the Sun'), and margin of victory (regardless of winner)

-Each week you will make 2 picks in each of these 6 categories. You get 1 point for each correct pick, even if the player you pick ties for the lead in that category. On the margin pick, you only get 1 guess--1 point is awarded for being within 6, 2 points for being within 3.

-You make your picks independently of other participants. For example, if I picked Demps for 'most yards', anyone else may also pick him for any category, including 'most yards'

-You can pick the same player for multiple categories. You can also pick the same player twice for the same category. For example, if I feel strongly that Hernandez will have the most receptions, I can use both of my 'most receptions' picks on him. If he ends up with most receptions I would get 2 points, because both of my picks are correct.

--if two players tie for the lead in a category, and you picked both, you get the 2 points

--Kick returns for touchdowns count in the touchdown category

-All stats are according to

-QBs are off limits

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