Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pick 6 Update

The rules were tweaked for Pick 6. The updates are in the original post (below). Changes include:

--only 1 guess (instead of 2) at margin-of-victory is accepted. A guess within 6 points of the correct margin will earn a player a point, while guesses within 3 points of actual margin will earn 2 points.

--kick returns for touchdowns count for the touchdown category

--instead of declaring an overall winner per game, we will add our points for any category wins or ties as we go, and an overall winner will be declared after the bowl game. (Ties are ties--no breakers, even at the very end.)

--also, just to be clear, if you select two players that tie for the lead in a category, you get a point for each just like you get 2 points when you select a player twice that is the winner of the category

(If anyone does not specify which margin guess they want to keep, we will accept their first guess of the two. Submissions can be entered or changed anytime before kickoff. The previous post's comments section will still contain our picks this week, so make any changes in those comments and latest entries will count.)

Thanks for playing.

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