Monday, October 27, 2008

BCS bullshit

The latest BCS poll has Florida moving up two spots to No. 8. As I was looking at the numbers, I noticed a discrepancy in how the final two computer polls ranked us. Jeff Sagarin and Peter Wolfe's polls had us ranked between 14 and 16, while the other four computer models ranked us between 6 and 9. It seems to me JS and PW are way off and do not hold any credibility. PW has us ranked behind two teams with two losses: Ohio State and Missouri and one spot ahead of a mediocre two-loss ACC team, North Carolina. They also have us behind, Minnesota, TCU, Tulsa, Utah, Boise State and Ball State. Come on! How can we take a poll that is obviously so out whack with the other polls seriously?
JS's poll is not much better, but at least it has us ahead of Minnesota and Tulsa. Even JS and PW, though can't agree on Tulsa. PW has them at 14 and JS has them at 23. If those two computer polls were more in line with the rest, we would be up to No. 6 in the BCS. Fortunately, we will be able to work our way up the list on the field with wins over No. 6 Georgia and No. 2 Alabama, but it doesn't belie the point that the BCS rankings are a muddled mess-and this is the group we want to pick the two best teams to play for the national title? Look for yourself at the computer models and specifically check out the discrepancies across the board on LSU, North Carolina, BYU, Oregon and Tulsa. At least one poll is so far out of whack with the others that you would have to go to a system where you throw out the highest and lowest score and average the remaining four to get a more realistic view.

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