Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Stomp (Part II)

When the entire Georgia team stormed the field last year to celebrate a first quarter touchdown, they made a statement. If that statement had been written down it would be something like, "I thought they said this was the largest outdoor cock party."

As his team jumped up and down, Mark Richt clapped and smiled. He may as well have been smiling at Tommy DeVito. As Meyer and Richt shook hands after the game, Meyer reportedly said, "I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you?"

Florida is loaded. They are coming off two huge wins; they have scored 135 points in the last 9 quarters, and now they're pissed. The players and staff have been hush mouthed about last year's game, but if you think Florida has forgotten, tune in Saturday and you will officially be welcomed to college football. They haven't forgotten.

At first I was confused why last year's celebration was named, "The Florida Stomp"- it was Georgia stomping, not Florida. But now it's obvious. It's because they needed, "The Georgia Stomp" to be available for this year's game. Because this year Georgia is going to be: crushed, manhandled, pelted, blown out, dominated, destroyed, annihilated, killed, devastated, laid to waste, demolished, smashed, obliterated... stomped!

UF- 52
GA- 20

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