Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally, the real Gators show up

I've been worried that the real Gators were not going to make an appearance this year, but Saturday night changed my mind. We showed signs early on that our defense would be good enough to win the SEC given our vaunted offensive attack. However, the offense has struggled. I kept saying to myself and anyone else who would listen: "Why are we hiding our playmakers?" Surely a Rainey or Demps getting 10-15 carries would be a better choice than Tebow pounding it up the middle a dozen times a game. Don't get me wrong, Tebow up the middle should stay in the playbook. But it will be a lot more effective when the defense is guarding against the homerun threats we have.

I feel much better now. The Gator offense now looks like I thought it would at the beginning of the year. And with them playing the way they are, it will open up a lot more opportunities for the defense. Once teams get behind, they will make more mistakes and we will get more fumbles, picks and sacks.

Go Gators.

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