Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Tipping Point (not a Roots album)

This blog was wrong. (link)

Meyer was in danger of being 5-5 in the SEC in his last five games. And Miles and LSU were close to getting an upper hand on the Gators--both in Miles' records and overall momentum in the series, as if something like that really exists. Not so worried anymore. It felt like a Gator national championship game because it was a blowout involving two otherwise good teams (see: Nebraska 95, FSU 96, OSU 06). Georgia will be another "tipping point" type of game--one of those games that makes us feel as if a team has a real, palpable advantage over a course of years despite having similar talent. I think injuries will be the best indicator of what's to come. We have a week off, then Kentucky, whereas Georgia has an improved Vandy, LSU, then us-- advantage Florida.

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