Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey, Hey, Tampa Bay...

The Bucs know how to shine, but sunshine IS a ray(s), right?

I used to think the Rays were doomed by virtue of being in the AL East. Of course, that's not the case anymore--which means it never was (if doom is paired with "fate"). But right now, it seems to help the Rays being in the division with the mighty Sox and pin-stripes: 1) it gave them true confidence when they did win because of who they were beating, not that fake kind that comes from beating up on the mediocre 2) it made them less intimidated in the playoffs-- and even the regular season-- since they've been playing in Fenway and Yankee stadium all these years. Once they had some good play to go along with that familiarity, they were on their way. It's ironic that its the Rays that now seem to have the best homefield advantage in baseball... that is... the team that most wants a new ballpark is best in the ballpark they don't want.

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