Monday, October 20, 2008

Just take it two games at a time

For most fans, a win is a win. And for most teams, they'll take it anyway they can get it. Not for me. Not this week.

I know, after Ole Miss we shouldn't take any team for granted. But I'm not a player or a coach... and as a fan, I think I should expect a big win over Kentucky. By definition, when your team is on top of the SEC, you expect big wins over Kentucky. And I don't just want it to get ugly, I want it to get ugly quick. Because it's not only about expectations, it's about Georgia.
The quicker Florida puts Kentucky away, the quicker players like Tebow, Harvin, and Spikes can sit safely on the sidelines. Last year Tebow hurt his shoulder against Kentucky and it may have cost us the Georgia game. So this week should not just be about winning, but staying healthy as well. And what's the best formula for staying healthy? Blowout!

Key Player:
Kentucky is going to have a hard time moving the ball or stopping the Gators Saturday, but the one player who could let them linger longer than necessary is Caleb Sturgis. Kentucky comes in with the 4th best kickoff return average in the nation. Florida's return team has been good, but not great, and when they struggle it's almost always due to a poor kickoff. If Sturgis has a good day, expect another clinic by the Gators.

UF- 45
UK- 10
Injuries- 0

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