Monday, October 20, 2008

Playoffs, schmayoffs

Anybody read Buddy Martin's column on why the BCS system works just fine? If not, click on the headline of this story to view.
On Sunday, the wise and venerable BCS folks released their newest rankings, and Florida is 10th. If the BCS folks goal is to create dialog much like an editorial writer pens poisonous columns to instigate readers, then they have been successful.
On the other hand, our eloquent current president put it best when he said "what we have here is failure to confregate."
Aside from "W's" botched attempt to quote Strother Martin, there is a nugget of truth to what he is saying.
"Huh," you say.
"Exactly," I say.
In what world is the BCS a good system? Those who argue there is no better system, are being disingenuous. Of course there is! A playoff!
Those who argue that any other system would violate the integrity of the current system cannot believe we would accept that garbage as a valid argument. The current system has no integrity. If we are to believe the goal is to crown the top college football team in the U.S., then how does the current system pass the integrity question?
Playoffs--that's how.
I'll leave it to those who have presented viable playoff plans to present their ideas in the blogs to come and maybe, somewhere down the line, the "integrified" gentlemen from the BCS will be paid enough to change their votes.

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