Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When Moody comes back

When Moody comes back, I think he deserves his carries but not at the expense of Rainey and Demps. There are plenty of carries for Moody, Demps and Rainey. Tebow is the one who needs to give up his carries. He has carried three times as much as Demps or Harvin and almost twice as much as Rainey. He's averaging 2.5 yards per carry because people expect him to carry 12-15 times a game. If he carries 2-5 times a game, Moody can get 10 carries and defenses will be more surprised when Tebow carries. Plus they will have to game plan for a tough, tackle-breaking bronco like Moody, two small, speedy backs who hide behind the line and are gone in a flash and a bruising fullback-quarterback who will gash you if you aren't looking for it.


Dave said...

Agreed. I think the Tebow run has worked enough that teams have to pre-commit to it before the game even starts. It becomes a major part of defenses' game plan... so you can really start a game running the "play action"... .they did that against LSU and it seemed to work well.

Also, I think he is most effective running on pass plays.

Sean said...

I agree as well, but we should remember that Tebow's carries are inflated because they count sacks and necessary scrambles. Also, our offense is often an option, so he has to maintain the option of him running or else the plays don't work--which, if we include the plays I mentioned above, means that a lot of plays that show up as Tebow runs are not called plays. And his average per carry is deflated partly because of those sacks and emergency runs I mentioned above. But, even given all of this, I still would like to see fewer called Tebow runs and more passes to Murph and Thompson (like last game) and more gives to Moody Blue or whomever.